25 Five Guys Interview Questions (And How To Nail Them)

Five Guys Interview Questions

As you sit anxiously before your big interview at Five Guys, your heart races with nervous anticipation. You know this job would be perfect—a fun, fast-paced environment surrounded by the aroma of fresh-made burgers and fries. You’ve always loved the food and atmosphere at Five Guys and could see yourself happily working there. But now there is just one obstacle left to overcome—the interview.

How prepared are you? Have you thought about the types of questions they might ask and practiced your responses? If you want to feel confident and nail this interview, being well-prepared is essential.

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing the most commonly asked interview questions at Five Guys, along with detailed example answers to help you walk into that interview feeling ready to shine. With practicing these questions and answers ahead of time, you’ll be able to highlight why you’re the perfect fit for the role.

Whether you’ve been dreaming of working at Five Guys for years or just want that extra edge in your interview preparation, this post will prove invaluable. The time to prepare is now—let’s get started!

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Five Guys Company Information

For your Five Guys job interview, it is vital that you understand key facts about the company and its operations. This section will outline essential information about Five Guys’ history, values, and business model.

While it may seem like a lot to digest, committing this knowledge to memory will allow you to shine in your interview by giving informed, insightful responses to questions about the company. Rather than seeing this as extra work, view it as an opportunity to stand out from other candidates and show your passion for the role.

Read on, absorb the details, and feel confident going into your interview.

Trade Name Five Guys
Type Fast food restaurant chain
Year Founded 1986
Founders Jerry Murrell and Janie Murrell
Headquarters Lorton, Virginia, United States
Menu Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, French Fries, Milkshakes
Signature Items Bacon Cheeseburger, Bacon Burger, Bacon Cheese Dog, Cajun Fries, Double Grilled Cheeseburger
Number of Locations 1,600+ locations (worldwide)
Core Values Integrity, Get It Done, Enthusiastic, Competitive, Family
Website www.fiveguys.com
Competitors Other fast food restaurants (McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Carls Jr., Burger King, Jack in the Box, etc.)

Additional facts:

  • Five Guys was founded in 1986 by the Murrell family in Arlington, Virginia. Now with over 1,600 locations worldwide, their recipe for success continues full steam ahead.
  • Daily-baked buns: Five Guys has an in-house bakery baking fresh buns daily.
  • There are over 250,000 possible combinations for ordering a burger at Five Guys. Add-ons include grilled mushrooms, grilled onions, jalapeños, and more.
  • Secret menus and off-the-menu items: In addition to their classic burgers and fries, Five Guys has a secret menu of specialty items like the artery-annihilating Artery Annihilator and Double Grilled Cheeseburger.
  • Fresh ground beef and fries: Five Guys uses only fresh ground beef and hand-cuts fries from potatoes grown in Idaho. No freezers here—just coolers to keep things fresh.
  • Strict kitchen rules: At Five Guys, good cooking is instinctual. No timers are allowed, and toppings must be placed in a specific order. The result? Burgers and fries like no other.
  • Peanut oil: Five Guys food cooked in peanut oil, giving them a signature taste.
  • Made to order: Whether you want grilled mushrooms, grilled onions, jalapeños, or more, your burger is made just the way you want it. With a cult following this passionate about high-quality burgers and fries, it’s no wonder Five Guys has grown into a popular worldwide chain.

Five Guys Mission Statement

We are in the business of selling burgers.

Five Guys Mission Statement

Five Guys Interview Questions

How do you define excellent guest service, and what steps would you take to achieve that in this role?

As a candidate interviewing for a role at Five Guys, you can expect interview questions that assess your understanding of and commitment to providing excellent customer service.

The purpose of this question is to determine if you have the right mentality and priorities to deliver Five Guys’ renowned guest experience. The interviewer wants to see that you view guest service as going above and beyond to leave every customer satisfied, that you are diligent about the details that add up to a great experience, and that you have a proactive mindset for identifying and addressing guest needs.

To answer this question, first define excellent guest service in terms relatable to the fast food industry, such as promptly and politely taking orders, accurately fulfilling orders, maintaining a clean and welcoming environment, and thanking customers for their business. Then, outline the steps you would take, for example:

  • Pay close attention to guests as soon as they enter to anticipate and meet their needs.
  • Take the time to get orders right and be generous with portions and condiments.
  • Periodically check on guests and refill drinks to demonstrate you care about their experience.
  • Stay on top of maintaining a spotless restaurant and freshening up tables quickly.
  • Thank each guest sincerely on their way out and invite them to return again.

Following this structure and emphasizing a genuine passion for service will demonstrate you are a great fit for Five Guys’ culture.


What does working as a team mean to you, and how would you contribute to the team’s success?

The interviewer is asking this question to assess your teamwork skills and attitude. They want to know that you understand what teamwork means – collaboration, communication, accountability, and mutual support – and that you can contribute effectively to a team.

As you answer, highlight relevant experience working on teams and the qualities that made you a great team member. Mention things like listening to others, dividing work evenly, meeting deadlines, and maintaining a positive attitude. Showing that you understand team dynamics and can adapt to different team environments will impress the interviewer.

For example, you might say:

“At Five Guys, teamwork is essential to efficiently serving customers and meeting performance goals. I would contribute by communicating openly with my coworkers to divide tasks like cooking, cleaning, and taking orders. If one area was falling behind, I would flexibly jump in to assist so that we could serve customers promptly and accurately. I work well with a range of personalities, so I could collaborate with my coworkers and managers to solve any issues. A positive attitude is also important in a fast-paced environment like Five Guys, so I would maintain that attitude to keep the team motivated and supportive of one another.”


Can you describe a situation where you had to work in a fast-paced environment and what you did to keep up?

The purpose of this interview question is to assess your ability to effectively handle a fast-paced, high-pressure work environment. The interviewer wants to see that you can remain calm under stress, efficiently prioritize tasks, and maintain high quality work.

To answer this, emphasize relevant experience and what you would specifically do in a fast-paced Five Guys setting.

For example, you might say:

“In my previous role as a line cook at a busy restaurant, I frequently had to juggle multiple orders at once with tight deadlines. To keep up, I would prioritize orders by deadline, prep ingredients in advance when possible, and remain laser-focused on one task at a time to avoid errors or burning food. If orders started backing up, I would ask the team for help instead of trying to do everything myself. With this experience, I know I could thrive in the fast-paced environment of a Five Guys and would use similar techniques to ensure a great customer experience and minimize delays.”

By conveying proactive strategies and a team-oriented approach, as well as relating your experience to the fast food industry, your answer shows you have the skills and mindset to succeed in this role at Five Guys.


How would you handle multiple tasks while maintaining quality and accuracy?

As a candidate interviewing for a position at Five Guys, you can expect questions that probe your ability to multitask, prioritize, and deliver high quality work under pressure. This interview question is designed to assess these key skills.

To answer this question effectively, first acknowledge the importance of managing multiple responsibilities and meeting high standards. Then, discuss your proven approach for staying organized, focusing on one task at a time, and avoiding dropping the ball.

Some tips include:

  • Create to-do lists to keep track of all tasks and break down large projects into manageable steps. This helps avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • Prioritize by urgency and importance. Tackle high priority items first and delegate when possible.
  • Minimize distractions. Find a quiet space to work and silence notifications on your devices.
  • Take breaks when needed to prevent burnout and refresh your mind. Even brief breaks can help you feel re-focused.

For example, you might say:

“At Five Guys, there are often many orders up at once and tasks to juggle, such as preparing ingredients, cooking, cleaning, and serving customers. I would create amaster to-do list and tackle priority items one by one, minimizing distractions. If orders started backing up, I would ask a coworker for help to ensure high quality and accuracy under pressure. With my organized approach and ability to both work efficiently and collaborate, I will be able to handle a fast-paced workload and meet Five Guys’ high standards.”


What are your thoughts on cleanliness and hygiene in a fast food restaurant?

Five Guys Cleanliness

Cleanliness and hygiene are essential to Five Guys’ operations and guest experience.

The purpose of this question is to determine if you understand the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in a food service environment and if you have the diligence to maintain high standards. The interviewer wants to see that you recognize keeping the restaurant clean and following proper hygiene procedures is critical for food safety, workplace safety, and guest satisfaction.

To answer, convey that cleanliness and hygiene are priorities and not afterthoughts. Explain that in a fast food restaurant, all areas must be thoroughly cleaned on a regular schedule to control contamination risks. Highlight the importance of staff following hygiene requirements, such as proper handwashing, handling raw foods appropriately, and not working when ill. Note that maintaining high standards may require going above and beyond at times to resolve issues quickly.

For example:

“Cleanliness and hygiene are absolutely essential in a fast food restaurant. I understand that all areas, equipment, and surfaces must be properly cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis to stringent standards to avoid contamination and illness. Proper handwashing and hygiene procedures must be strictly followed by staff at all times as well. I do not view these as mundane tasks, but as critical responsibilities, and I would be diligent in doing my part to maintain the high level of cleanliness and hygiene that Five Guys is known for.”


What experience do you have in the fast food industry, and how do you think it will help you succeed in this role?

The interviewer is asking you this question to assess if you have relevant experience in the fast food industry and understand the unique challenges of this fast-paced work environment. They want to hire someone who can hit the ground running, as there is a steep learning curve and little time for training.

To answer this effectively, highlight any experience you have working in fast food or a similarly fast-paced restaurant. Mention the skills you developed that would be useful for this role, such as efficiently taking orders, coordinating with a team to prepare food quickly, or working cleanly and safely with food. Discuss how this experience has equipped you with the ability to thrive under pressure while delivering great customer service.

As an example, you could say:

“I have over two years of experience working at a busy burger restaurant, where I honed my ability to multitask and work efficiently under tight deadlines. Taking up to 10 customer orders at once and coordinating with team members to prepare the orders quickly taught me strong communication and organizational skills. I also learned the importance of maintaining a clean and safe cooking environment and following proper food handling procedures. This background has prepared me well for the fast-paced and detail-oriented nature of a role at Five Guys, and I would appreciate the opportunity to bring my experience to your team.”


What motivates you to work for Five Guys?

Five Guys Employee

As a candidate interviewing for a role at Five Guys, you can expect interview questions that probe why you want to work for the company and what motivates you to excel in the fast food industry.

The interviewer wants to determine if you did your research on Five Guys and the culture, if your motivations and goals align with the company’s brand and mission, and if you would be enthusiastic and dedicated as an employee.

To answer this question effectively, do your homework on Five Guys and note what stands out to you about the company and its values. Express your passion for delivering exceptional service and a premium product. Highlight relevant experience you have in the fast food or hospitality industry. Explain how the company’s focus on quality ingredients and customer satisfaction motivates you to achieve high standards. Share one of your key motivations, such as ongoing growth and learning or working with a fun, collaborative team.

An example answer:

“After learning about Five Guys’ commitment to serving fresh, hand-crafted burgers and fries and providing a welcoming space for customers, I’m excited by the prospect of contributing to that positive experience and brand. My time working in fast food cultivated my passion for delivering fast, friendly service with a smile. I pride myself on my ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment while maintaining high quality and cleanliness standards. The opportunity to grow with a company as dedicated to fresh food and customer service as Five Guys motivates me to exceed expectations in this role.”

By emphasizing the company’s values and your relevant experience and motivations, you demonstrate your fit for the role and company culture. Prepare to share genuine enthusiasm and convey why you would be a great candidate for the team.


How would you manage your time effectively and prioritize tasks in a busy work environment?

The purpose of this interview question is for the hiring manager to assess your organizational and time management skills. They want to know that you can effectively juggle multiple tasks, meet deadlines, and prioritize in a fast-paced work environment with limited time and resources.

To address this question, first acknowledge the challenges of the environment. Then, highlight your relevant experience and the strategies you would employ, such as creating schedules/to-do lists, focusing on high-impact tasks, minimizing distractions, and asking for help when needed. Showing awareness of the difficulties and a proactive approach to overcoming them will impress the interviewer.

For example, you could say:

“I understand that in a busy fast food restaurant like Five Guys, things can get hectic, and there are many tasks vying for attention at once. However, this type of environment is where my time management skills shine. I would start by creating a daily schedule for the most important tasks, like food prep, and blocking off time for those. I would focus on the high-impact items first and be disciplined to avoid distractions. If I got behind, I would re-prioritize and streamline where possible. I’m also not afraid to ask coworkers for help if needed to ensure all tasks are completed on time and to the expected standard. My experience in similarly fast-paced roles has prepared me to hit the ground running at Five Guys and keep the operation running smoothly amid the chaos.”


Are you comfortable working in an open kitchen environment with loud team communication?

Five Guys Kitchen

The interviewer is asking this question to assess if you would be a good fit for the fast-paced, team-oriented work environment of a Five Guys kitchen. They want to know if you can handle the noise, chaos, and frequent communication that comes with preparing and fulfilling orders together as a team.

To answer this question effectively, emphasize your ability to thrive under pressure, communicate clearly, and collaborate with colleagues. Highlight relevant experience you have working on a team in a fast-paced environment. Explain that the bustling atmosphere and constant communication would not faze you, and that you work well with others to get the job done.

A strong example answer could be:

“I am very comfortable working in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment with ongoing communication. In my current role, my team frequently has to collaborate to meet tight deadlines, often under high-stress conditions, while resolving issues or questions as they arise. The open kitchen and team-based environment you describe at Five Guys would allow me to draw on my experience delegating tasks, communicating updates, and troubleshooting on the fly. I work well with my peers and thrive under pressure while staying positive—the lively atmosphere would keep me engaged and the team-based aspects of the work appeal to me. I would appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the team and provide great customer service.”


What is your availability like, and are you willing to work on weekends and holidays?

The interviewer is asking about your availability to determine how well you would fit with the needs of the business. As a fast food restaurant, Five Guys requires consistent staffing to operate efficiently, especially on weekends and holidays when customer traffic is highest. By asking if you’re willing to work weekends and holidays, the interviewer wants to confirm you have the flexibility needed for the schedule. They’re assessing if you would be reliable and committed to the demands of the role.

To answer effectively, express a flexible schedule and highlight your reliability. Mention any constraints upfront, then emphasize your openness to work weekends and holidays as needed. Relate your answer to the role when possible. Follow up with questions about specific scheduling needs to confirm you would be a good fit.

Example Answer:

“As someone seeking a long-term position with opportunities for growth at Five Guys, I recognize weekends and holidays are important times to have full staffing. My current schedule is flexible, with few constraints, so I would be available to work weekends and holidays as needed to support the business. Having worked in food service before, I understand the demands and am used to a varied schedule. You can count on me to provide reliable and consistent availability and to be present when the restaurant is busiest. Do you have specific scheduling needs I should be aware of for this role?”


Can you describe a time when you had to quickly adapt to a new situation in your work environment?

This interview question is aimed at assessing your ability to handle change and think on your feet. The fast-paced environment of Five Guys requires team members to be flexible and adapt to different situations as they arise. By asking this question, the interviewer wants to see that you have the mindset and experience to roll with the punches.

Think of a specific example of a time when plans changed unexpectedly at work, and you had to adjust course. How did you handle it? What did you learn? To make a strong impression, discuss how you stayed positive, thought logically through solutions, and took initiative to get the job done. Highlight relevant soft skills, like communication, problem-solving, and resilience in a difficult situation. With an enthusiastic, can-do attitude, show how these skills will benefit Five Guys.

Here’s an example answer:

“A good example would be a busy Friday night shift when we were suddenly down two team members due to no-shows. As the most senior crew member on-site, I stepped in to redistribute tasks and prioritize what was essential to keep the restaurant operating. I jumped on the grill and fryers to get food out quickly, asked the manager to step in for order taking and payments, and worked with the remaining team to blitz clean between orders so we didn’t fall behind. It was chaotic, but we managed to make it through the dinner rush without issues. From that experience, I learned the importance of staying positive under pressure, collaborating with colleagues, and being willing to get hands-on to get the job done, whatever it takes. I would bring this ‘all hands on deck’ mentality and ability to adapt to unexpected situations to Five Guys.”


How do you handle criticism and feedback from your managers, and what steps do you take to improve your performance?

The interviewer is asking this question to assess your ability to accept feedback and constructive criticism, reflect on it, and take action to improve. They want to see that you are coachable and open to personal growth.

When answering, convey that you do not take feedback personally, but view it as an opportunity to learn and develop. Share that you actively listen to feedback, ask clarifying questions if needed, and take time to reflect on the feedback afterwards. Explain the steps you take to apply the feedback, such as setting goals to work on your weaknesses or meet the feedback points. Highlight your follow through and how you track your progress.

For example, you could say:

“If I received feedback that I was taking too long to prepare some menu items and it was resulting in longer customer wait times and food waste, I would first thank the manager for the feedback. I understand they are investing in helping me improve to benefit both myself and the team. I would ask follow up questions to fully understand the feedback and take notes. On my own time, I would reflect on specific instances where my prep speed impacted our metrics. I would then set measurable goals, such as preparing certain items within a target time frame. I would practice and time myself to work towards the goals. Weekly, I would meet with the manager to review my progress and get more coaching until the feedback was addressed. I appreciate all opportunities to better serve our customers and team.”


What are your long-term career goals, and how do you think working at Five Guys can help you achieve them?

As a candidate interviewing for a position at Five Guys, you’ll likely be asked about your long-term career goals and how working at Five Guys can help you achieve them. This common interview question is asked to assess your motivation, ambition, and fit for the role and company.

To answer effectively:

  • Share one or two realistic and specific career goals. For example, you could express interest in a management position at Five Guys or learning practical skills to eventually run your own restaurant.
  • Explain how the work experience and opportunities at Five Guys would help you progress toward your goals. For example, you could say the fast-paced, hands-on environment would allow you to quickly learn food service skills and operations, and the company’s promote-from-within culture would provide opportunities to take on more responsibility and advance over time with hard work and dedication.
  • Highlight relevant skills and strengths that would benefit the company and support your trajectory. For example, you could mention your leadership abilities, problem-solving skills, passion for delivering great customer service, and motivation to achieve team and individual goals.

Here’s an example answer:

‘My long-term goal is to eventually manage my own Five Guys restaurant. I see a lot of opportunity for growth at Five Guys, and I hope to start by learning practical skills on the ground level and proving my abilities. The fast-paced, high-volume nature of Five Guys would allow me to quickly gain food service experience and learn operational skills. With my strong work ethic, leadership abilities, and passion for delivering a great customer experience, I hope to earn additional responsibilities and advance to a management position over time. The company’s promote-from-within culture and my ability to thrive under pressure will help me achieve my goal of running my own profitable Five Guys location within five years.

By conveying specific and realistic goals tied to opportunities at the company and highlighting relevant skills, you’ll show strong motivation and fit as a candidate.


Tell us about a time when you went out of your way to help a customer. What did you do, and what was the outcome?

As a fast food restaurant, Five Guys places a strong emphasis on providing excellent customer service. This interview question is designed to assess your customer service skills and see how you would handle challenging customer service situations.

The interviewer wants to know that you are passionate about helping customers, willing to go above and beyond, and able to effectively resolve issues. To answer this question, discuss a specific example of a time you assisted a dissatisfied or difficult customer. Explain the steps you took to help the customer and the positive outcome that resulted from your actions.

Some things you could mention include:

  • Listening to the customer and acknowledging their concerns
  • Taking ownership of the problem and apologizing for any inconvenience
  • Brainstorming creative solutions and alternatives when standard procedures were insufficient
  • Following up with the customer afterwards to ensure maximum satisfaction

By providing a genuine example and demonstrating how you exceeded expectations, you show the interviewer you have the customer service skills and positive attitude needed for a role at Five Guys.

For example,

“Providing great customer service is very important to me. One time, I had a customer who was disappointed to find we had left out one of the items they ordered after waiting in line. Instead of just remaking the item, I offered them a complimentary side or drink for the inconvenience. They were pleased with how the situation was handled, and it led to a positive interaction and loyal customer. I strive to pay attention to the details of each order and go the extra mile to make things right if there’s an issue. This approach has led to grateful, returning customers at my current job, and it’s the kind of excellent service I would provide to every customer at Five Guys.”

With passion, proactivity, and accountability, you can provide memorable customer experiences and contribute to Five Guys’ reputation for excellence in guest service.


Can you give us an example of a time when you had to deal with a difficult coworker, and how did you handle the situation?

The purpose of this interview question is for Five Guys to assess your conflict resolution skills and teamwork abilities. The interviewer wants to see that you can handle interpersonal issues professionally and not get easily flustered.

To answer this question well, first acknowledge that dealing with difficult coworkers is common but challenging. Then, discuss how you would approach the situation with a calm, composed attitude. Explain that you would address issues respectfully and directly with your coworker to clarify any misunderstandings, while also being a team player willing to listen to their concerns. Highlight your ability to find common ground and compromise.

Here is an example answer:

“At my current job, a new coworker and I initially disagreed on the best way to prepare ingredients and assemble burgers. Our different approaches disrupted our efficiency and team dynamic. To resolve this, I asked my manager if we could privately talk through our procedures to identify the most effective methods. In our meeting, we listened to each other’s experiences and perspectives. We found that combining particular elements of each approach led to the best outcomes. We then worked together to train the rest of the staff on the agreed-upon procedures. This experience reinforced for me the importance of open communication and a willingness to cooperatively problem-solve with colleagues to meet team goals.”

Overall, be authentic and highlight relevant experiences and skills. Show that you are able to address workplace challenges in a pragmatic way. With the right approach, you can turn a difficult situation into an opportunity to build a better working relationship with your coworker and enhance team cohesion.


What do you think sets Five Guys apart from other fast-food chains?

The interviewer is asking you what sets Five Guys apart to assess your knowledge of the company and its branding. They want to see that you’ve done your research on Five Guys and understand what’s unique about them compared to competitors. This question is an opportunity to show your passion and highlight how you would be a great culture fit.

Some tips for answering:

  • Discuss Five Guys’ focus on high-quality ingredients and fresh food. Mention their hand-formed patties and fries cut and cooked in peanut oil.
  • Highlight their emphasis on a premium experience, not fast food. Discuss the open kitchens, simplified menu, and lack of frozen foods or heat lamps.
  • Note their strong customer service and word-of-mouth marketing. Explain how staff are trained to create interactive experiences and how this contributes to their growth.

Here’s an example of how to tie it all together:

“Five Guys is unique in the fast food industry due to their commitment to fresh, high-quality ingredients and premium customer experiences. Rather than frozen foods and heat lamps, they have open kitchens where food is handmade to order. They also emphasize friendly service and interactive staff, creating positive word-of-mouth that fuels their growth. This focus on ingredients, experience, and service shows Five Guys’ dedication to a superior fast-casual model, which is more fulfilling for both customers and employees. This aligns well with my own values, and I would appreciate the opportunity to contribute to this brand experience and company growth.”


Tell me about a time when you had to manage multiple tasks and priorities in a short amount of time.

The interviewer wants to assess your time management skills and ability to prioritize in a fast-paced work environment. At Five Guys, schedules can be hectic and tasks come at you quickly, so the ability to juggle multiple demands is crucial.

To answer this question, first acknowledge the difficulty of the scenario. Then, discuss how you would organize the tasks by priority and importance. Explain your system for keeping track of the tasks, whether through lists or a project-management approach. Highlight relevant experience you have successfully managing competing deadlines. Showing a calm, structured approach will demonstrate your potential.

Here’s an example answer:

“Handling multiple, time-sensitive tasks is challenging, but I have experience prioritizing effectively even under pressure. I would first make a master list of all tasks and deadlines, then determine key priorities, factoring in customer impact and task urgency. I might allocate longer tasks to slower periods when possible. I’d tackle high-priority items right away while delegating what I could to coworkers. Regular check-ins and updates would ensure everything is on track. For example, during a busy lunch rush at my current fast food job, I have to coordinate several orders at once, monitor food quality, and assist customers. By staying organized and working with my team, we’re able to serve customers quickly while meeting all health and safety standards.”


Can you describe a time when you had to work with a difficult or demanding guest, and how did you handle the situation?

As a candidate interviewing with Five Guys, you can expect questions that assess your customer service skills and ability to handle difficult situations with guests. The interviewer will likely ask behavioral-based questions like thise one to gauge these skills.

The purpose of this type of question is to understand your conflict resolution approach and see if you have the patience and composure to deal with upset or rude customers. The interviewer wants to know that you can remain professional, courteous, and solution-focused even under pressure.

To answer effectively:

  • Briefly describe the scenario and customer’s concerns or frustrations. Keep your answer concise while highlighting the key points of conflict.
  • Emphasize your listening and communication skills. Explain how you actively listened to the customer and expressed empathy for their experience. Highlight how you clarified the issues and verified their concerns were understood.
  • Share how you problem-solved and worked towards a resolution. Discuss the steps you took to resolve the situation, meet the customer’s needs, and leave them satisfied. Note any follow up actions as well.
  • Maintain a positive and professional tone. Your tone and demeanor in your answer should reflect the composed yet caring attitude you demonstrated in the situation.

For example, you could say:

“A customer once grew frustrated waiting for their order during a busy lunch rush. I listened to their concerns, apologized for the delay, and offered a meal discount. I expedited their order and checked back to ensure the issue was resolved and they enjoyed the rest of their meal. Through active listening and fast problem-solving, I was able to defuse the tension and leave the customer satisfied.”

By preparing to speak to your customer service skills and giving a concrete example of how you handled a difficult guest, you can feel more confident in your upcoming Five Guys interview. With compelling communication of your experience, you’ll show why you would be a great fit to join their team.


What is your favorite menu item at Five Guys, and why?

The Five Guys interview question about your favorite menu item is designed to assess more than just your taste in food. The interviewer wants to see how well you can think on your feet and highlight your ability to pick up on the company culture.

When answering, demonstrate your understanding of Five Guys’ focus on quality ingredients and highlight a menu item that aligns with this. Mention flavor profiles and preparation methods to show your product knowledge. Most importantly, convey your passion for the food and relate it back to strong customer service and an enjoyable dining experience.

A strong example answer could be:

“My favorite menu item is the bacon cheeseburger. I love how Five Guys uses fresh, hand-formed patties and slices their bacon and cheese to order. The way the melted cheese, crispy bacon, grilled onions, and mushrooms blend together creates an explosion of flavors with each bite. This focus on high-quality, made-to-order food that doesn’t compromise on taste is what I admire about Five Guys and what leads to such a great customer experience. If I’m fortunate enough to join the team, I would bring this same passion for the product and service to my role.”


How would you handle a situation where a customer is unhappy with their food, even though it meets brand standards?

As a fast food restaurant, customer satisfaction is crucial to Five Guys’ success. The interview question about handling an unhappy customer is designed to assess your problem-solving skills, empathy, and dedication to great customer service. The interviewer wants to see that you understand the importance of resolving issues and leaving customers with a positive experience.

To answer this question effectively, first acknowledge the customer’s feelings while remaining positive. Explain you want to understand their complaint and make things right. Ask questions to uncover the root cause of their unhappiness and how you can remedy the situation. Offer a sincere apology if an actual mistake was made. Focus on solutions, not blame. Discuss how you would personally take ownership and either provide a replacement order, refund, or coupon as appropriate. Express your commitment to quality food and service.

For example, you could say:

“I understand the customer is disappointed, so I would listen to their concerns compassionately. My goal would be to resolve the issue and leave them with a positive impression of Five Guys’ commitment to excellence. I would ask questions to fully understand the problem, apologize for any errors, and offer reasonable accommodations to make it right, like a fresh order or refund. The customer’s satisfaction is my priority, so I would do whatever it takes to turn their experience around.”

By demonstrating how you would determine the best solution for the customer’s needs, you show strong problem-solving and people skills – exactly what Five Guys is looking for in a great team member. With the right approach, you can turn a bad experience into a lasting positive one.


How do you feel about taking orders, and how would you ensure that you get the order right every time?

Five Guys Crew Taking Orders

The interviewer is asking you this question to assess whether you have the attention to detail, patience, and focus required to take orders accurately in a fast-paced environment. At Five Guys, orders are custom-built based on the customer’s requests, so getting the order right is crucial to providing good service and a positive experience.

To answer this question effectively, first express your understanding of the importance of accuracy and detail. Highlight relevant experience you have with taking complex or customized orders in food service or a similar role. Emphasize key skills that would enable you to get the order right, such as active listening, following a systematic process, and double-checking your work. Explain how you would ask clarifying questions if needed and be fully focused on the customer’s order to capture all details.

For example, you could say:

“Getting customer orders exactly right is very important to me. I have experience taking complicated orders at a pizza restaurant, where there were many options and opportunities for errors. I would listen carefully to the customer’s full order, repeat it back to confirm, and have them verify all details before submitting the order. I work in a structured, detail-oriented way and would not get rushed or distracted. It’s crucial that I get the specifics of the burger, toppings, and sides correct, so I will ask questions if needed and remain fully focused on accurately processing the order to meet the customer’s needs.”

With a careful, detail-oriented approach and relevant experience, you can show the interviewer you have what it takes to get those orders right every time.


Can you explain how you communicate with others in a busy environment?

The purpose of this question is for the interviewer to evaluate your communication skills and composure under pressure. They want to know that you can effectively relay information, listen to colleagues, and work together as a team even when things get hectic.

To answer this, highlight examples of your strong communication abilities and emphasize your ability to remain calm and courteous when busy. Share strategies you use for being clear and direct, actively listening to others, and collaborating efficiently.

Some tips for your answer:

  • Discuss how you prioritize important information and requests. For example, ‘I’ve learned to be concise yet courteous when things get busy. I prioritize the most urgent issues and communicate key information first before additional details.’
  • Highlight your experience communicating in fast-paced environments. For example, ‘My previous role in food service taught me how to communicate effectively even under tight deadlines and multi-tasking. I’ve mastered the ability to actively listen while completing tasks, ask clarifying questions if needed, and work as a team to meet demands.’
  • Express your composure under pressure. For example, ‘I handle busy and stressful situations well. I stay positive and patient, which allows me to clearly understand issues and find solutions. Even when things get hectic, I maintain a courteous attitude and work to keep the team motivated and on track.’

By conveying these skills and experience, you will show the interviewer you have what it takes to communicate effectively amid the fast-paced environment of Five Guys.


Can you describe a time when you had to work as a part of a team to achieve a goal?

As a candidate interviewing for a position at Five Guys, you can expect questions that assess your ability to work as part of a team. The interviewer is trying to gauge how well you collaborate with others, resolve conflicts, communicate effectively, and ultimately get work done.

To ace this question, first relate the question back to typical team-based scenarios in a fast food setting, such as working with coworkers to serve a rush of customers quickly and accurately. Then, discuss how you approached the team goal, your contributions, and what you learned.

For example, you could say:

“At my previous job, my coworkers and I often had to team up to handle a sudden influx of customers. One busy lunch shift, 4 separate large orders came in at once, and we had to work together to prepare everything accurately and promptly. I delegated tasks, retrieved ingredients, and assisted others as needed. Though tensions rose at moments, we kept open communication and adapted to setbacks. By dividing the work and holding each other accountable, we served all customers with a smile and without errors. Through this, I reinforced how transparency, division of labor, and maintaining composure as a team are key to achieving goals efficiently even under pressure.”

By conveying how you’ve successfully navigated teamwork and stressful situations, you demonstrate relevant skills and proactively address concerns about your ability to collaborate. With preparation and the right mindset, you can feel poised to give a strong answer to this common interview question.


How would you describe your biggest strength and how do you think it will help you excel in this role?

As a candidate interviewing for a position at Five Guys, you can expect questions that probe what strengths you would bring to the role and the company.

The purpose of this question is for the interviewer to understand what you consider your key strength to be and how it would be advantageous for the position and Five Guys. They want to gain insight into your self-awareness of your strengths and your ability to relate them to the job requirements. Some strengths that would be relevant for a fast food role may be: strong attention to detail, ability to thrive under pressure, excellent communication skills, problem-solving skills, or leadership ability.

To answer this question effectively, first reflect on your relevant strengths and select the one you can give a compelling example for. Then, explain how this strength will benefit Five Guys, for example:

“My biggest strength is my strong attention to detail. In this role, this would help me ensure that customer orders are accurate and that food quality is maintained through closely monitoring preparation processes. Attention to detail is key to providing a great customer experience and food quality, which are central to Five Guys.”

By speaking in terms of how you can add value to the company and role, you demonstrate a customer-first mentality and enthusiasm for the position.


Can you tell me about a skill you are working to improve or an area where you would like to grow?

The interviewer is trying to assess your self-awareness and continuous self-improvement. They want to see that you are focused on developing yourself and expanding your skills, even after you have been hired.

To answer this question effectively, reflect on your genuine areas of desired growth and how those connect to the requirements of the role and the company’s goals. Showcase a strong work ethic and passion for personal and professional development.

Some things you might mention as skills or areas you are aiming to strengthen include: time management to increase efficiency, leadership abilities to take on more responsibility, technical skills to advance in your career, or communication skills to collaborate better with colleagues and serve customers. Be authentic but also strategic in how you frame your response. Explain what you are doing to develop the skill, such as taking a course or practicing a habit. Highlight why improving in this area would benefit you in the role and benefit the company.

Example Answer:

“One area I’m always working to improve is being a bit impatient at times. I like to be efficient and get things done quickly, so I can sometimes get frustrated with inefficiencies or delays. However, I understand the importance of process and teamwork in a fast-paced environment like Five Guys. My strong work ethic and ability to learn from others helps me collaborate well and meet work objectives. At the end of the day, what’s most important is delivering a great customer experience and high-quality work, and I’m able to keep that ultimate goal in mind even when faced with challenges or inefficiencies. Continuous self-improvement is important to me, and I hope to grow in a company that values that as well.”

With a passionate and proactive approach, you can demonstrate how you would be an invaluable team member if hired.


Questions to Ask the Interviewer in Five Guys Interview

As your Five Guys interview wraps up, your interviewer will likely pose that familiar yet important question: ‘Do you have any questions?’

This is your opportunity to leave a lasting impression and demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role and company. Asking insightful questions shows your interest and enthusiasm, gives you a better sense of the role and team, and allows you to determine if it’s the right fit for your needs as well.

The interviewer is trying to assess a few key things with this question:

  • Your interest level in the role and company. Are you engaged and enthusiastic?
  • Your preparation and research. Did you do your homework to understand the company and role?
  • Your communication skills. Can you ask clear, concise, and targeted questions?

To make the most of this opportunity, prepare questions in advance based on your research of the company and role. Some great options include:

  • What does success look like in this role? What goals or metrics will I be measured against?
  • What’s the career path for this position? What’s the potential growth for someone in this role?
  • What’s the company culture like? What’s most valued and encouraged?
  • What’s the next step in the hiring process, and when can I expect to hear back from you?
  • What are the current challenges in this role/department? How could I help address those challenges?
  • What do you think are the most important qualities you’re looking for in a candidate for this role?
  • What’s the training process like for this role? What resources are available for professional development?
  • What do you like most about working for Five Guys?
  • What are the current goals or challenges for the company? How does this role contribute to those?
  • Can you describe a typical day or week in this role? What are the day-to-day responsibilities and priorities?
  • What’s the timeline for the hiring and onboarding process? When would the role start?
  • Are there any concerns you have about my qualifications or experience for this role?
  • How has this company adapted to changes in the industry or market over the last few years?

Asking insightful and thoughtful questions demonstrates your passion and preparation. Be sure to come armed with a list of questions that show your enthusiasm for the work you would be doing in this role at Five Guys.


Five Guys Hiring Process

Five Guys Hiring Process

As you prepare for your interview with Five Guys, it’s helpful to understand their standard hiring process and know what to expect. Whether you’re interviewing for a restaurant crew member position or a corporate role at their headquarters, the process typically involves an application and in-person interview.

For restaurant positions, you can apply online or in person at your local Five Guys location. Check their career portal to view current openings and job descriptions so you can find a good fit for your skills and experience.

If your application is selected, you’ll be invited to schedule an on-site interview with the hiring manager. This 15 to 30-minute interview includes a quick tour of the restaurant and sometimes a complimentary meal. Be ready to discuss your customer service approach, food industry experience, and personality. Showcasing a positive attitude and team-oriented spirit will serve you well.

For corporate positions, submit an online application with your resume and cover letter. The initial application includes questions about your behavior and skills to determine if you’d be a good match for the role and company culture.

If your application is selected, you’ll go through a brief phone screening followed by an on-site interview at their corporate office. Expect a series of interviews, including one-on-one and panel interviews with the hiring manager, department head, potential team members, and HR. Be prepared to demonstrate your work efficiency, leadership abilities, and passion for Five Guys’ brand.


Five Guys Interview Tips

Throughout the interview, be authentic and highlight why you’re interested in joining the Five Guys team. With the right skills and enthusiastic attitude, you’ll succeed in landing your dream job at this popular restaurant chain.

What to Wear to Five Guys Interview

Five Guys Dress Code

You’ve scored an interview with Five Guys – congratulations! Now it’s time to prepare and one of the most important things is choosing the right outfit.

For restaurant roles like Crew Manager, Shift Leader, or Shift Manager, opt for casual or business casual attire. This could be nice dark jeans or khakis, a fitted blazer or cardigan, and a solid-colored shirt. As these roles involve a lot of movement, avoid anything too formal or restrictive. Present yourself as put-together yet practical.

For restaurant management roles like Assistant Restaurant Manager or Restaurant Manager, business casual or formalwear is appropriate. For men, wear slacks and a button-down shirt, potentially with a tie. For women, slacks or a knee-length skirt with a blouse is suitable. This shows you are capable of presenting yourself in a professional manner.

If interviewing for a corporate position, dress in formal business attire. For men, this is a suit and tie, for women a pantsuit or skirt suit. This demonstrates you understand the corporate culture and are able to blend in at that level.

For the interview the focus is on making a great first impression and showing you are a strong candidate for the role. If you do get the job, you’ll receive the standard uniform items during the onboarding process.

Feeling prepared and confident in how you present yourself will help you shine in your Five Guys interview. Choose an outfit that is appropriate for the position and that reflects your professionalism.



After reviewing these common interview questions from Five Guys, you should feel ready and prepared to tackle them with confidence in your upcoming interview. Keep your answers concise but compelling, draw from relevant experiences, and show how you would be a great fit for their culture and team. If you prepare thoroughly and know what to expect, you’ll be able to shine in the interview and increase your chances of being offered the position. Believe in yourself and go in there with an enthusiastic, can-do attitude.

Even after a successful interview at Five Guys, don’t stop applying and interviewing at other restaurants and food service companies. Expand your search to other fast casual chains like In-N-Out Burger or Shake Shack or other restaurants in your area that attract a similar customer base and have a focus on high quality ingredients.

The more you apply and interview, the more experience you’ll gain and the sooner you’ll land an exciting new role. Stay persistent and keep putting your best foot forward—the right opportunity will come to those who refuse to stop trying. You’ve got this! Keep at it and the job you want will be yours.

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