26 Church’s Chicken Interview Questions (With Ideal Answers)

Church's Chicken Interview Questions

How nervous are you feeling as your interview with Church’s Chicken approaches? Your palms are probably clammy, your heart racing at the thought of those tricky questions the interviewer might throw at you. Fear not, for we have done the difficult work for you. We have compiled a list of the most common interview questions from Church’s Chicken, along with examples of the perfect answers to each.

This isn’t just any ordinary list of questions and answers – reading these pages will put you far ahead of any other candidate and ensure that job is as good as yours. When you walk into that interview, you’ll feel supremely confident knowing exactly what’s coming and how to respond. You’ll stride in there with your best smile, make a great first impression and bring home that chicken!

While other hopefuls may fumble for answers or ramble on uneasily, you’ll speak clearly and concisely about your relevant experience, passion for service, and career goals. Just visualize yourself acing that interview and eventually managing a successful franchise. Picture the opportunities ahead and know that you now hold the tools to make those visions a reality.

This isn’t an interview you want to lose – your job at Church’s Chicken is within reach but only if you come fully prepared. Read on, my friend, and let’s make sure you’re the one walking out of there with a job offer in hand.

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Church’s Chicken Company Information

You may encounter questions that probe your understanding of Church’s Chicken during your interview. While you don’t need to know every detail, having a few important facts at your disposal can make all the difference.

Consider the following information:

Trade Name(s) Church’s Chicken, Texas Chicken, Church’s Texas Chicken
Type Fast Food Restaurant Chain
Date Founded April 17, 1952
Founders George W. Church Sr.
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Menu Fried Chicken, Tenders, Butterfly Shrimp, Sides, Drinks
Signature Items Jalapeño Cheese Bombers, Honey-Butter Biscuit
Number of Locations 1500+ (in 26 countries)
Core Values Work Together, Do The Right Thing, Promote Equality
Website www.churchs.com
Competitors Popeyes, KFC, Raising Cane’s, Bojangles

Additional facts:

  • Humble Texas Beginnings: Founded by George W. Church in 1952, Church’s Chicken started as a small shack in Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, Texas. The first location didn’t even have a dining room, and customers would walk up to a window to buy two pieces of fried chicken and a roll for just 49 cents. By 1962, Church’s had expanded to eight locations in the city.
  • A Fast-Growing Empire: With a focus on expanding into low-income urban neighborhoods that KFC wasn’t interested in, Church’s Chicken saw rapid growth. From just eight locations in 1962, the chain expanded to over 100 restaurants in seven states by the end of the decade.
  • International Presence as Texas Chicken: To avoid confusion with religious affiliations and to appeal to international markets, Church’s Chicken operates under the name “Texas Chicken” in countries outside the United States. The chain began expanding internationally in the 1980s and can now be found in countries like Egypt, Indonesia, and New Zealand.
  • A Unique Partnership with White Castle: Church’s Chicken and White Castle, although not owned by the same company, share some restaurant spaces in a unique partnership formed in the mid-1990s. Both brands serve their own menu items and share the same supply chain company, making co-branded restaurants more manageable.
  • A Mascot Called Churchie: Church’s Chicken had a mascot named “Churchie” from its early days. Initially, Churchie was a plump character in a chef’s hat holding a fork, but later transformed into a full-blown chicken during the 1980s.
  • Chess Sponsorship: Church’s Chicken has a history of sponsoring chess tournaments, with the company’s involvement dating back to 1972. Chess was a beloved hobby in the Church family, and the company’s sponsorship of world champion chess tournaments is a testament to their passion for the game.
  • Jalapeno Obsession: Church’s Chicken has a unique side dish on its menu – jalapeno peppers. A nod to the brand’s Texas roots, the pickled jalapenos have been a menu staple since the beginning. The company takes its jalapenos seriously, with the supply chain vice president even negotiating pricing for 80,000 cases of peppers per year directly from Mexican farms.
  • Fried Chicken Power Couple: In 1989, Church’s Chicken and Popeyes, two major fried chicken chains, united to form a powerful alliance, making them the second-largest fried chicken chain in the United States after KFC. The partnership lasted for 15 years before Church’s Chicken was sold to a venture capital firm in 2004.
  • Dispelling Urban Myths: In the 1980s, Church’s Chicken was linked to a disturbing urban myth alleging connections to the Ku Klux Klan and a plot against black Americans. This rumor was completely false, and Church’s Chicken has since continued to build its reputation as a beloved fast-food staple.
  • Brief Foray into the Burger Business: Church’s Chicken once attempted to enter the burger market, but the effort was short-lived. Like many fast-food chains that try to venture into new territory, Church’s Chicken’s burger experiment failed, and the company remained focused on its core offering – fried chicken.

Church’s Chicken Mission Statement

Provide the bold taste of Texas to our guests at a great value

Church’s Chicken Interview Questions

Could you please provide a brief overview of your personal and professional background?

This question gives you the opportunity to succinctly summarize your key qualifications, strengths, and career goals.

Focus on showing your passion for the work, growth mindset, and enthusiasm for the company and team. Speak about meaningful experiences that shaped you into the ideal candidate for the role. Highlight a few key achievements that prove your ability to take on new challenges and thrive in a fast-paced work environment like Church’s Chicken.

Keep your answer to 1 to 2 minutes while sharing authentic stories and insights into your character. Mention Church’s Chicken by name and how you can contribute to their mission right from day one. End by expressing your excitement at the prospect of an interview and working for such an innovative brand.

Here is an example answer:

“I have over five years of experience in fast-paced restaurant environments, including positions as a Crew Member, Shift Leader, and Assistant Manager at restaurant concepts similar to Church’s Chicken. I am passionate about delivering memorable customer experiences, developing teams, and consistently improving operations. I am currently working towards my degree in Business Management while further developing my skills through ongoing research and coursework. Church’s Chicken is redefining what the fried chicken space can be, and I would love the opportunity to contribute to your mission and growth right from the start. I believe my experience, work ethic, and entrepreneurial spirit would allow me to thrive in this fast-paced, innovative environment at Church’s Chicken.”


Why do you want to work for Church’s Chicken?

This question is designed to evaluate your passion and enthusiasm for the company and its brand. The interviewer wants to ensure you genuinely care about Church’s Chicken’s mission and products, not just about landing any job.

Do your research ahead of time. Study Church’s Chicken’s website and social media pages to become familiar with their food, franchisees, history, and values. Highlight what specifically appeals to you about their brand of delicious, made-to-order chicken. Memorize some stats or milestones that demonstrate their success and legacy.

Convey your genuine excitement for the work they do. Speak passionately about helping to continue building their brand and serving loyal customers with high-quality food and fantastic service. Mention that you believe in their food and mission so much that you’d love the opportunity to represent their brand.

“Church’s Chicken is my favorite guilty pleasure, and I can’t think of a better pleasure to be guilty of! I’ve been enjoying your one-of-a-kind Butterfly Shrimp & Tenders Combo for years. Church’s feels like home, and I want nothing more than to spread that homey, comfort-food feel to everyone lucky enough to walk through your doors. I know that with my love for your food and dedication to excellence, I could help take Church’s to exciting new heights while staying 100% true to what you’re all about: cooking passionately and bringing communities together over a meal they crave and memories that last. That’s really why I want to work for Church’s Chicken – to keep that dream alive!”


How would you handle high-pressure, stressful situations? We get real busy sometimes.

This question is framed to evaluate your ability to remain calm under pressure and think on your feet while navigating stressful customer service situations. The interviewer wants to ensure you can diffuse tense moments, keep your cool, and resolve issues promptly even when things get chaotic.

To ace this question, have examples of stressful situations you’ve navigated with a level head ready to share. Explain how you stay focused in high-pressure moments by:

  • Taking deep breaths to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • Looking for logical solutions rather than emotions.
  • Maintaining a positive and solution-focused mindset.
  • Breaking down big problems into smaller, more manageable steps.

“As a shift lead at a high-volume restaurant, I’ve dealt with angry customers, long wait times, broken equipment, and sick calls continuously. When a situation starts escalating, I take a step back and try to look at the root cause. How can I most effectiently resolve the underlying issue to fix things and get back on track? I diagnose problems fast and execute solutions faster. I keep a level head by reminding my crew, ‘stay calm, we got this!’ No matter the obstacles, I ensure all customers are taken care of promptly and leave happy. Chaos only lasts moments, but a good experience lasts forever.”


Do you have any experience cookinh? What’s your favorite chicken to cook?

This question assesses your experience cooking different types of chicken and determines if you have a favorite, which tells the interviewer about your preferences and what you find most delicious and appealing.

To leave a lasting impression when answering, you’ll want to highlight any experience you have cooking multiple kinds of chicken, such as fried chicken, grilled chicken, baked chicken, or chicken stir fry. Discuss how you’ve learned different techniques and developed a personal style for preparing your favorite variety.

Mentioning a specific favorite chicken, like “grilled chicken breast with lemon and herb marinade,” demonstrates your knowledge while making the answer more vivid and memorable.

“I have quite a bit of experience cooking chicken in many different ways. My absolute favorite would have to be grilled chicken breast with a citrus chili garlic marinade. The zesty and spicy flavors pair perfectly with the juicy, tender grilled chicken. I often make fried chicken for family dinners too since everyone loves crispy fried chicken legs and thighs. Overall, I find that the simplest preparations with high-quality, fresh ingredients always result in the most delicious chicken meals. Whether grilled, baked, fried, or stir-fried, I aim to use techniques that bring out the natural flavor of the chicken without overpowering it.”


What makes you the ideal candidate to fill this position here at Church’s Chicken?

This question is designed to assess how your strengths, skills, and enthusiasm for the job make you the best candidate for the position. The interviewer wants to hire someone who will excel at the role and help further the company’s key goals.

To answer this question thoughtfully, do your research on Church’s Chicken’s mission and values. Focus on how your passion for their food and mission will motivate you to achieve and surpass their business objectives. Emphasize relevant experience, strengths, and a proven track record of success that will allow you to thrive in this role. Explain your desire for growth opportunities and commitment to high-quality service, while highlighting your ability to collaborate with and develop team members.

Share your genuine enthusiasm for the company and its food, while articulating a clear and compelling case for why you’re the top pick for the role. With preparation and confidence, you can eloquently convey your qualifications and convince the interviewer you’re the ideal candidate to help advance Church’s Chicken’s vision.

“What makes me the perfect candidate for this position is my unrivaled passion for Church’s Chicken’s food and my dedication to delivering memorable customer experiences each and every visit. Church’s Chicken is more than just another restaurant to me, it’s a legacy with a rich history and devoted fans across generations. I fully embrace the brand’s mission and am energized by the opportunity to share its legendary fried chicken and fresh-baked biscuits with new audiences. From day one, I will hit the ground running and work tirelessly to optimize operations, increase market share, and build a winning team dedicated to serving only the freshest, highest quality ingredients and authentic Southern fare. I hope to grow with this company for years to come, which is why Church’s Chicken is the perfect place for my career and my passion. “


If faced with an irate customer, how would you handle the situation while upholding our values and customer service standards?

This question is your big chance to show the hiring manager exactly how you would resolve even the trickiest customer disputes, keep your cool, and uphold the brand values that Church’s is known for.

The interviewer is really testing if you can provide “service with a smile” even when dealing with a frown. It’s about finding solutions, not excuses. Defusing tensions, not inflaming them. With the right approach, you can resolve any complaint in a way that leaves the customer raving about Church’s Chicken instead of raging.

To excel in this interview question, highlight your ability to remain calm and courteous, actively listen to understand the root cause of frustration, take responsibility and ownership of issues, and make reasonable compromises when possible. Emphasize that you will never argue, yell, or take complaints personally – you will reflect the values of Church’s Chicken every step of the way.

“I would remain completely composed and courteous, even if the customer is angry or aggressive. My goal would be to understand their perspective and concerns, not defend myself or the company. I would say something like, ‘I apologize that we fell short of your expectations. How can I make this right and ensure you leave happy today?’ 
Once I understand the issue, I would take full responsibility on behalf of the company and work with the customer to find a fair solution. If a refund, discount, or replacement is needed to resolve the issue, I would happily provide it.
 However, I would never agree to demands that are unreasonable or undermine our company’s values just to end an argument quickly. I would be transparent in explaining our policies and standards, while also expressing a commitment to excellence and customer service above all else. 
Every interaction would be an opportunity to not just resolve an issue but to build goodwill and a loyal customer for life.


How well do you handle working in a stressful environment?

Picture this: it’s Saturday night at 8:45 pm, and the line is out the door at Church’s Chicken. Busy customers are impatiently waiting for their fried chicken fix, operational issues are backing up the kitchen, and your shift ends in 15 minutes. This is the type of pressure-packed situation you would face regularly as a team member at Chuch’s.

When the interviewer asks this question, they want to ensure you have the spine and skill to thrive in chaotic conditions. To rock this question, emphasize your talent for staying mentally tough when times get tough. Highlight scenarios where you successfully navigated high-pressure moments and led your team to meet goals despite obstacles or adversity. Prove that you don’t just claim to work well under stress – you actually deliver results when it really matters.

“I thrive working in a fast-paced, high-volume environment where every second counts and mistakes are not tolerated. I have a proven ability to rise to any challenge while ensuring exceptional service and cleanliness standards are met. Whether resolving equipment issues to avoid delays, assisting irate customers to defuse tensions, or motivating teammates to push through demanding shifts, I remain calm and in control. Stress only increases my focus and attention to detail. I can guarantee that I would hit the ground running at Church’s Chicken and help streamline operations to better meet tight deadlines and budgets without compromising quality.”


Where do you see yourself in your career 5 years from now? How does this role fit into your longer-term plans?

This common interview question is designed to evaluate your career goals and how this role fits into the long-term plan you have for your professional growth. The interviewer wants to ensure the position is a good next step for you, and that you’re not just using it as a temporary placeholder.

To ensure a compelling response to this question, share your passion for food service and desire for career growth within a successful franchise. Set a goal of store manager within 5 years by gaining on-the-job experience, developing your leadership abilities, and completing relevant coursework or certifications. Express interest in potentially franchising multiple locations further down the road, while emphasizing this position is the ideal first step to make that vision a reality.

“Within 5 years, I see myself developing into a leadership position within the restaurant industry, ideally still with Church’s Chicken. I want to utilize the experience, skills, and expertise I will gain from this crew member role to work my way up into a managerial position. This role is the perfect foundation and stepping stone for me to build upon. I am passionate about the food service business and am dedicated to providing amazing experiences for customers. I see a long and successful career ahead of me at Church’s Chicken, developing new team members and helping to further grow the business through innovative ideas and best practices. My goal is to stay with the company for many years to come, contributing to its future success.”


How well do you adapt to working with new people in unfamiliar situations?

The interviewer wants to evaluate your ability to think on your feet, collaborate with strangers, and effectively solve problems outside your normal routine.

When answering, share a time you navigated a complex issue with limited information or worked with new colleagues on a high-priority project. Highlight how you were able to build rapport, communicate a shared vision, and solve the problem successfully through cooperation and creativity.

“I adapt incredibly well to new and unfamiliar situations that require working closely with new people.

Every day in a restaurant is different, with new customers, new challenges, and constantly changing priorities. I thrive in that adaptive, flexible environment. I am able to get up to speed quickly on any new processes, systems, or team dynamics. I ask lots of questions, I observe closely how high-performing team members interact with customers and each other, and I jump in fully to provide the best possible experience for every single customer.

Making a great first impression and providing outstanding service is my top priority, no matter who I am interacting with or what the situation is. I build rapport quickly and am able to collaborate profoundly even with people I have just met. New people and unfamiliar scenarios energize me rather than overwhelm me.

I believe that my ability to adapt seamlessly to change would serve me exceptionally well as a member of the Church’s Chicken team, helping to deliver legendary experiences to all of your customers day after day.”


How do you actively listen and follow directions from your supervisor or manager? Can you give an example of how you’ve responded positively to feedback in the past?

This question is a golden opportunity to showcase what an ideal employee you will be for Church’s Chicken. The interviewer wants to see that you have the perfect blend of humility and initiative to work successfully under management.

To knock this question out of the park, start by emphasizing your ability to actively listen with rapt attention. Make eye contact, nod along enthusiastically, and summarize feedback to confirm you caught every detail. Then, express your gratitude for the guidance and your dedication to growth, not grievance. Highlight how you eagerly ask questions to build a robust understanding and get straight to work applying advice to strengthen your performance.

Bring the whole answer to life with a compelling example of constructive criticism you received and what you did to react with a fabulous attitude and implement meaningful changes.

“For instance, when my manager suggested I be more enthusiastic in my customer interactions, I thanked them profusely for the insightful feedback. I then asked probing questions about how exactly I could convey more energy and excitement, hanging on their every word. The next day, I embraced those techniques with alacrity and was shocked by the positive impact. I followed up with my manager to get their feedback on my progress and used that to continue enhancing my skills. Through a growth mindset and willingness to accept feedback, I turned that one suggestion into a tangible improvement in my job performance.”


How would you professionally and enthusiastically greet guests upon their arrival at the restaurant?

This question is your chance to shine and show how passionate you are about delivering an unforgettable dining experience. The interviewer wants to see how personable and welcoming you can be, so keep that smile on your face!

“I would enthusiastically and professionally greet each customer upon arrival to ensure an instant warm welcome and memorable first impression. I would smile broadly, make eye contact, and greet each guest energetically by saying “Welcome to Church’s Chicken! How are you doing today?” while extending my hand for a friendly handshake. I want guests to instantly feel the warm, hospitable atmosphere we aim to provide.”


How have you addressed guest complaints or concerns with courtesy and resolve to exceed their expectations and retain their patronage?

Think of this interview question as a chance to show off your secret superpower: the ability to turn unhappy customers into die-hard fans. The interviewer wants evidence that you have what it takes to woo back even the grumpiest guests and transform their frustration into passion.

Here’s how you can ace this question: Start by confessing your desire to surpass guests’ wildest expectations with every interaction. Reveal that for you, there’s no such thing as an insignificant complaint or petty concern – every issue is an opportunity to redefine amazing service.

“In my previous role at a family-owned restaurant, I encountered a situation where a guest complained about the temperature and presentation of their dish. I immediately apologized and reassured them that their satisfaction was our top priority. I took the dish back to the kitchen and personally oversaw its prompt re-preparation while ensuring it met our quality standards. In the meantime, I engaged the guest in a friendly conversation, learning about their preferences and offering a complimentary appetizer as a goodwill gesture.

Once the dish was ready, I served it with a smile and attentively checked back to ensure it met their expectations. The guest appreciated the swift resolution and genuine care, ultimately becoming a regular patron. By addressing the complaint with empathy, promptness, and a personal touch, I not only resolved the issue but also exceeded the guest’s expectations, strengthening their loyalty to our establishment.”


What is your approach to teamwork? How do you support coworkers and work collaboratively to achieve goals?

With this question, the interviewer wants to ensure you have the knowledge and skills necessary to work harmoniously as part of a team in a fast-paced restaurant environment.

To answer this question, first explain that as a team member, you actively work to build rapport and trust with your coworkers through open communication, dependability, and a positive “can-do” attitude. Highlight your ability to clearly define responsibilities, set joint goals, and hold each other accountable through regular check-ins and feedback. Emphasize that you support your team by taking initiative, picking up slack when needed, and providing constructive input and resources to help everyone excel in their roles.

Ultimately, the interviewer needs to feel confident that if hired, you will “hit the ground running” as a collaborative and solution-focused team player.

The following example shows how to compellingly convey this message:

“My approach to teamwork is to communicate openly, share responsibilities fairly, and leverage each other’s strengths to achieve more together than we ever could alone. When a new initiative launches, I take the time to listen, ask questions, and ensure that every team member knows exactly what is expected of them and has the tools and training to succeed. Whether it’s optimizing restaurant operations, improving customer service, or meeting sales targets, I believe teamwork and coordination are absolutely essential. I actively work to build rapport, share knowledge, and support my team through challenges as well as wins. There is no ‘I’ in team, and together we can accomplish amazing things! I hope to bring this energetic and solution-focused approach to teamwork at Church’s Chicken.”


What motivates and inspires you to provide dynamic service during taxing workloads or stressful situations?

This particular question strives to determine your drive and passion for delivering exceptional service despite facing demanding workloads or high-stress situations. The interviewer wants to ensure you have the motivation and dedication needed to provide dynamic customer experiences even when things get complicated.

To ace this question, highlight your genuine care for the customer and your commitment to their satisfaction. Discuss your proactive mindset, positive attitude, and ability to prioritize what really matters. Explain that you rise to meet challenges, and that difficult circumstances only strengthen your resolve to delight clients. Ownership, empowerment, and a “whatever it takes” mentality will shine through in your response.

Ultimately, convey your purpose and pride as a service-focused team member. Share your motivation for consistently going the extra mile to fulfill customer needs and exceed expectations. Your passion will be evident and contagious, vividly demonstrating why you’re a great fit for the role and Church’s Chicken family.

“My motivation comes from a deep desire to bring joy and memorable moments to every customer interaction. I am personally invested in each guest’s experience, from ensuring accuracy of their order to sharing recommendations that will become their new favorite things. Difficult situations do not diminish my enthusiasm or commitment to outstanding service. Challenges are opportunities for me to rise to the occasion and deliver service beyond compare. Stress only intensifies my focus and determination to solve problems proactively while maintaining a positive, solutions-oriented demeanor. I thrive working in a fast-paced environment where no two days are alike, as I rise to any occasion with flexibility, resourcefulness, and a ‘yes, absolutely!’ attitude.
Ultimately, I am passionate about people and empowering experiences. I want nothing more than to contribute to a guest’s happiness and make them feel valued each and every time we interact. That is what drives me and ignites my motivation as a Church’s Chicken team member.”


What strategies do you apply to remain organized, set priorities and complete all responsibilities thoroughly in a fast-paced environment?

Pssst…we know the question Church’s Chicken is about to ask you is making you nervous. Let me let you in on a little secret: they’re not really testing you, they’re testing if you’re the kind of person who will get the job done, and done right, even with a dozen flaming hoops to jump through.

This query is just a tactic to see if you have the skills and mindset to thrive in their high-pressure workplace. Don’t worry, we’re here to give you the juicy insider information you need to knock their socks off!

Here’s how you can answer:

First, explain that you utilize a results-focused approach to prioritize high-impact tasks and minimize distractions. Second, discuss how you create daily to-do lists to keep you on track and hold yourself accountable. Finally, emphasize that you think proactively to anticipate challenges and prepare contingency plans ensuring all work is completed meticulously without sacrificing timeliness or quality.

“I apply a rigorous yet flexible strategy to completing responsibilities thoroughly in a fast-paced setting. I prioritize essential duties and priorities that move the needle and minimize time-wasting diversions. Each day I create a targeted to-do list, breaking down big goals into smaller milestones to maintain forward progress while meeting deadlines. I am an advocate of proactive problem-solving, frequently assessing how I can preempt or mitigate obstacles before they arise. Whether resources are abundant or scarce, I deliver impact through efficient time management, clear communication, and relentless follow-through. Church’s Chicken can rely on me to get the work done, done right, and done on time, every time.”


How do you adjust plans to overcome unexpected challenges or changes while still achieving top quality results?

This question intends to assess your flexibility and adaptability in the face of unexpected obstacles. The interviewer wants to see that you can pivot plans and priorities as needed to continue progressing toward goals even when met with unforeseen roadblocks or changes in requirements.

Answer this question by revealing how you’ve steered your way to success in the past when you had to adjust course to adapt to new challenges. Explain that you methodically assess each development, determine the root causes of trouble to choose the smartest solutions, and make split-second decisions to keep things moving in the right direction. Highlight that you’ve mastered the rare ability to balance grit and flexibility, using a sixth sense for navigating toward goals through any conditions.

“When faced with unexpected challenges, I adjust plans by remaining adaptable, maintaining clear communication, and prioritizing tasks efficiently to ensure top-quality results.

For instance, during my previous role at a fast-food restaurant, we suddenly experienced a surge in customers due to a nearby event we weren’t aware of. To handle the situation, I took the following steps:

  • Assessed available resources: I quickly evaluated our staff availability and inventory levels to understand our capacity to handle the increased demand.
  • Reassigned team members: Based on the assessment, I redistributed staff to critical areas such as the cash register, food preparation, and catering order assembly to expedite the process and ensure timely completion.
  • Communicated the situation: I informed the entire team about the unexpected order and the need to work efficiently, keeping everyone aligned with the revised plan.
  • Prioritized tasks: I identified the most time-sensitive tasks, like preparing the catering order, restocking essential ingredients, and maintaining cleanliness, to guarantee that we continued delivering top-quality products and services to both the catering order and our walk-in customers.

By following these steps, we were able to overcome the unexpected challenge and maintain high-quality results for all our customers.”


Are you able to safely move, lift and maneuver supplies, food, and equipment as required for the role including lifting/moving up to 30-50 lbs?

This question is meant to determine if you have the physical capability required for a job that involves frequent lifting, moving, and maneuvering of supplies, food, and equipment. The interviewer wants to make sure you can lift items weighing up to 30-50 pounds safely and without injury.

In your answer, convey confidence in your ability while also committing to safety. Highlight any relevant experience and your commitment to physical fitness, mention proper form and ergonomics, specify a weight range you can lift comfortably, and express enthusiasm for the physical aspects of the job.

For example,

“I have over 2 years of experience working in various restaurant environments that required routinely lifting, moving, and maneuvering heavy supplies, food, and equipment. I keep myself in excellent physical shape through regular strength and endurance training, and I am highly familiar with proper lifting form, always prioritizing safety and ergonomics. I can lift up to 50 pounds with ease and comfort, and I take pride in being able to lift the heaviest items without damaging my body or the products. My approach is ‘safe, steady, and efficient’ for every lift and move. I would love the opportunity to demonstrate my capabilities for any items specific to this role.”


How have you ensured high standards of cleanliness, sanitation, and food safety in previous roles?

This question is posed to probe your ability to maintain a safe and hygienic food preparation environment. The interviewer wants to see that you have a solid understanding of health department guidelines, food handling procedures, and the importance of preventing foodborne illness.

To answer this question, you’ll need to provide specific examples from your experience implementing and enforcing strict cleaning protocols, ensuring proper sanitation, conducting frequent audits and inspections, requiring certification in safe food handling practices, and taking corrective action when issues were found.

“In my previous role as a restaurant manager at a family-style diner, I took food safety extremely seriously. Upon being hired, I audited the entire kitchen and found several opportunities for improvement, which I promptly addressed, including inadequate pest control, expired ingredients, and kitchen staff without proper food handlers’ permits. I implemented a rigorous daily cleaning checklist to ensure deep cleaning of all food preparation surfaces and equipment. Using a systematic approach, I was able to reduce violations by over 75% year over year. 
I established a zero-tolerance policy for unsafe practices and did not hesitate to re-train or terminate staff not upholding the highest standards of cleanliness. By closely monitoring health inspection reports, customer comments, and employee feedback, I was able to optimize practices and continue driving progress. My ability to achieve and maintain the strictest safety and sanitation standards across my operations has and will always be my top priority for the protection of customers, staff, and the brand.”


How would you respond if a guest complained about poor service or unsatisfactory food quality?

This question is all about seeing how you’d defuse dissatisfied diners and ensure their next visit is a smash hit. The interviewer wants proof you can resolve issues lickety-split while keeping a smile on everyone’s face.

To nail this one, keep calm and composed, not defensive. Apologize sincerely, take full responsibility for any slip-ups, and make enthusiastic promises to make it right. Ask open-ended questions to fully grasp the grievance, then solve the problem pronto. Provide a reasonable solution, such as a refund, voucher, or fresh meal.

“I would apologize to the guest, let them know we take complaints very seriously and work to resolve any problems immediately. I would ask, ‘How can I make this right and ensure you leave happy today?’ After listening closely to the issues, I would offer a complimentary appetizer or dessert on the house to apologize for the inconvenience. If the food was underwhelming, I would gladly have the kitchen prepare a fresh entree promptly at no charge to the guest. My number one priority would be to leave guests with a great experience and a desire to return again. I aim to turn dissatisfaction into delight through promptness, empathy, and solutions.”


How would you handle a situation wherein an equipment was not functioning properly, or you noticed an unsafe condition?

When the interviewer asks how you’d handle equipment issues or unsafe conditions, they’re really assessing if you’re the type of employee who pays close attention to detail, thinks fast on their feet, and takes responsibility without being told. Do you see where I’m going with this? They want a problem-solver, and that’s exactly what you’re going to demonstrate you are.

Here are some tips to ace this question:

  • Emphasize how proactively you’d report any problems to management immediately.
  • Highlight how you’d work as a team to find flexible solutions to keep operations running smoothly.
  • Share a few alternative approaches you might suggest to minimize impact.
  • Emphasize your “can-do” attitude and that you won’t tolerate any issue being brushed aside.

Ultimately, you want to convey that you are diligent, solution-focused, and committed to excellence and ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible. With this mindset and approach, you will help Church’s Chicken provide an outstanding experience to every customer and thrive as a team.

Here is an example answer:

“I would promptly report any equipment issues or unsafe conditions to the manager on duty so we could work together to resolve problems as efficiently and effectively as possible. Nothing is more important than ensuring a positive experience for every customer and a safe work environment for the team. If a machine was malfunctioning, I would determine if it could be fixed quickly or needed replacement. In either case, I would suggest alternatives to minimize disruption to operations like slightly modifying workflows or temporarily reassigning team members. I would keep the bigger picture in mind regarding daily priorities and never hesitate to speak up if I felt a solution was inadequate or a problem wasn’t being addressed properly. Church’s Chicken can count on me to be diligent, come prepared with viable solutions, think strategically about what’s at stake, and take initiative to prevent bigger issues down the road. I aim to maintain a standard of excellence in all areas of the restaurant to support the brand’s mission and vision.”


What do you think makes Church’s Chicken stand out from other fast-food restaurant chains?

Church’s Chicken

The interview question about what sets them apart is really an opportunity to show off how much you know about the brand and why it’s near and dear to your heart. The interviewer wants to see if you can highlight the key differentiators that have built Church’s Chicken into a beloved fast food chain.

Your answer should drip with passion. Make it clear that this isn’t just any job, this is a chance to represent a brand you already love. Share your enthusiasm for their roots, recipes, and relationships. Convince the interviewer that Church’s Chicken is so special because of the joy it brings to communities and the lifelong memories created over meals together.

Here is an example answer:

“Church’s Chicken distinguishes itself through its unwavering commitment to using only the freshest, highest quality ingredients and providing a warm, inviting atmosphere for families and individuals. Their hand-battered and double-fried chicken results in exceptional crispiness and flavor. Church’s offers an authentic southern dining experience, complete with a friendly ambiance, delectable fried dishes, and home-style sides. They emphasize more than just fast food, focusing on fostering fellowship through quality, customer service, and community involvement. This approach has earned Church’s Chicken a devoted following of guests who feel like family, ensuring its enduring appeal for generations to come.”


Are you familiar with the menu at Church’s Chicken? What is your favorite item and why?

Church’s Chicken Sandwich Combo

When the interviewer asks about your favorite item on the menu and why it’s so crave-worthy, you’ve gotta give an answer they won’t soon forget. This question is a golden opportunity to show what an ideal team member you’d be. They’re not just assessing your knowledge of the food, they’re evaluating how passionately you’d champion the brand.

Do your research beforehand and choose an item from the menu that you can discuss in depth, from its distinctive flavor profile to why it is memorable and crave-worthy. Your answer should reveal that you did your homework and would hit the ground running as a devoted brand ambassador.

“Yes, I am very familiar with Church’s Chicken menu. My personal favorite item is the chicken sandwich. This isn’t some run-of-the-mill fried chicken patty on a bun. We’re talking about a buttered, toasted brioche bun as a decadent throne for a hand-battered and breaded chicken breast, simply seasoned to perfection.

Each bite into that crispy, juicy chicken tender is a burst of buttery, dill-pickled joy. The mayonnaise pools deliciously under each chew, melting into the bun and sauce alike. It’s simple, classic flavors that just work.

When I say the chicken sandwich is my favorite, I don’t say it lightly. This sandwich is a culinary dream come true. The flavors, the textures, the debauchery of it all – this sandwich has it all. The Church’s chicken sandwich is pure bliss in every bite. Now that’s a favorite I can really stand behind!”


Church’s Chicken is focused on growth opportunities. How do you see yourself growing within the company?

This interview question is your big chance to unveil an ambitious yet achievable progression plan that will convince the hiring manager you’re the candidate they’ve been searching for.

Here’s how you do it: Think big. Way big. The sky’s the limit when it comes to opportunities at Church’s Chicken, so dream big about the role you want in five years. Now make it real by mapping out milestones to get you there step-by-step. Put together a story of how you’ll achieve each milestone through your passion, dedication, and desire to help the company expand its empire one chicken strip at a time.

For example,

“I see significant opportunities for growth at Church’s Chicken and am eager to take on more responsibility. In my first 6-12 months with the company, I aim to exceed in all my duties and then take on additional supervision of new team members to strengthen my leadership abilities. After several years of proven success, I hope to be considered for a leadership position so I can oversee day-to-day operations and continue implementing initiatives to improve business results. Ultimately, I aspire to one day become a General Manager, where I can utilize the knowledge and expertise I have gained to open new locations and contribute to the company’s expansion and success at a strategic level. My vision is to build a long and rewarding career with Church’s Chicken where I can make a meaningful impact and develop into a valued leader within the organization.”


Describe a time when you experienced a conflict with a coworker or team member? How did you handle the situation and what was the outcome?

Through this question, the interviewer wants to see how you navigate disagreement, communicate effectively, and work toward a resolution in a professional manner.

To answer this question, first describe the specific conflict and how it arose. Explain the perspectives of both you and the other party to show your awareness of the nuanced dynamics. Discuss the approaches you took to defuse the tension, compromise, and find common ground. Highlight how you were able to resolve the conflict in a constructive way that did not damage your working relationship.

Ultimately, you want to convey that you can collaborate even with those you disagree with, and that you thrive in diverse teams where not everyone sees eye to eye. Show that you view conflict as an opportunity to build stronger working partnerships through open and honest dialogue. With the right approach and communication, any conflict can be overcome.

“Once, a dispute arose with my co-worker over the proper procedure for preparing side orders. While I believed the orders should be assembled as customers ordered them for maximum freshness, the other crew member insisted on preparing all side orders at once in large batches to improve efficiency.

We approached our manager and presented our perspectives using specific examples of customer feedback and food quality. After evaluating both approaches, the manager ruled in my favor, determining that prioritizing freshness and customized orders would provide the best customer experience.

Though disappointed, the other crew member understood, and we were able to set aside our differences and work together effectively for the rest of our shifts. By communicating openly and pragmatically about a genuine point of disagreement, we achieved a favorable resolution that benefited both team dynamics and operational excellence.”


Can you ensure a stable and punctual commute to work every day?

With this query, the interviewer aims to determine if you can fulfill the demands of the position by ensuring consistent punctuality and dependability in your transportation. As a valued employee, you would be responsible for operating an essential business service, so arriving promptly and on schedule is non-negotiable.

To convey your qualifications here, prepare examples of how you construct and maintain a fail-safe commute routine. Mention any preventative measures, contingency plans, or habits that guarantee your arrival is anything but haphazard.

The interviewer wants to see that you take your responsibilities seriously and will not jeopardize operations due to tardiness or absence. Present yourself as a candidate with realistic solutions and a proven track record of going the extra mile to get the job done right.

“Absolutely, delivering consistent service is my top priority as well. I arrive nearly 20 minutes early for work each day to account for unexpected delays and to ensure I can open the restaurant with time to spare. I live just 15 minutes from the nearest Church’s Chicken location, so unless there is a major accident or road closure, I can guarantee a punctual start to my shift. My reliability has never been an issue, as I have built my routine around culminating each day at the feet of eager customers with smiles on their faces and satisfaction in their shopping carts!”


Can you discuss your availability in terms of shifts and your ability to work a flexible schedule?

This question is designed to uncover your schedule flexibility and availability. Ultimately, the interviewer wants staff they can rely on during all hours of operation. Your ability to commit to any schedule or last-minute shift changes will make you an attractive hire.

“I have a completely flexible and open schedule. I’m available whenever and wherever I’m needed. I understand the demands of working in a restaurant and am ready to work evenings, weekends, early mornings, or any shift required. I am also open to adjusting my availability as needed, ensuring that I can provide exceptional service to our guests at any given time.”


Questions to Ask the Interviewer in Church’s Chicken Interview

When the interviewer pauses and asks, “Do you have any questions for me?” it’s the perfect moment for you to shine. Have a list of questions ready to go on the topics you’ve discussed—like company initiatives, growth plans, key responsibilities of the role, challenges of the position, etc. The questions you ask demonstrate your passion and can reinforce why you’re the best candidate for the job.

The interviewer wants to see that you’ll be asking insightful questions on the job too. So make them count!

Here are some questions you can ask your Church’s Chicken interviewer:

  • What is the company culture at Church’s Chicken like?
  • What are the goals and key priorities for this role in the first 3-6 months? 12 months?
  • What is the career path for this position? What opportunities for growth exist?
  • What do you believe is the most important quality for someone to be successful in this role at Church’s Chicken?
  • How does Church’s Chicken support its employees in achieving a healthy work-life balance?
  • Can you share more about the opportunities for growth and professional development within the company?
  • How does Church’s Chicken’s “Our Texas Way” philosophy influence daily operations and decision-making within the organization?
  • Can you tell me more about the “Rising Stars Program” and other employee development initiatives at Church’s Chicken?
  • How does Church’s Chicken stay ahead of its competition in the fast-food industry?
  • Can you share more about the company’s community involvement and philanthropic efforts, such as the partnership with No Kid Hungry?
  • What do you enjoy most about working for Church’s Chicken?
  • What are the expectations for collaboration and teamwork within the company?
  • Can you tell me more about the employee benefits and perks, such as the Instant Pay program, and how they contribute to employee satisfaction?
  • How does Church’s Chicken maintain its unique company culture while expanding?
  • What is the next step in the process? When can I expect to hear from you about the decision for this role?

Church’s Chicken Hiring Process

Church's Chicken Hiring

This section will guide you through Church’s Chicken hiring process step-by-step, ensuring that you feel confident and prepared for your upcoming interview. By understanding the process, you will be well-equipped to join the Church’s Chicken family in no time!

  1. Application –  Start by completing an application either online or in-person at your local Church’s Chicken. Either method works, so choose the one that’s most convenient for you.
  2. Phone Screening – If your application catches the eye of the hiring team, you will be contacted for a brief phone screening. This is an opportunity for the company to learn more about you and for you to ask any preliminary questions about the role.
  3. In-Person Interview – Following a successful phone screening, you will be invited for an in-person interview. This interview is typically conversational in nature, so relax and be yourself. The hiring team wants to get a sense of who you are, your skills, and your suitability for the role.
  4. Background Check – If your in-person interview goes well, the next step will be a background check. This is a standard procedure to ensure the safety and security of the company and its employees.

Now that you understand the hiring process let’s dive into the timeline.

The Church’s Chicken hiring process can range from a few days to three weeks, depending on the position. In some cases, submitting an in-person application could lead to a same-day interview. So be prepared!

In terms of interview content, the types of questions you’ll encounter will vary based on the position you’re applying for:

  • For team member positions, expect general questions about your work experience, skills, and how you handle various work situations.
  • For managerial roles, you’ll be asked about your leadership qualities and past management experience, as well as how you would approach specific scenarios related to overseeing a team.

Whether you receive a job offer on the spot or not, stay in touch and reiterate your interest in and passion for the work.


Church’s Chicken Interview Tips

By preparing thoroughly, staying positive, and being your authentic self, you’ll make an incredible first impression and land the job of your dreams at Church’s Chicken.


What to Wear to Church’s Chicken Interview

Churchs-Chicken Dress Code

When preparing for your Church’s Chicken interview, pay close attention to the company’s casual dress code to guide your outfit choice.

Church’s Chicken’s dress code mandates a uniform featuring a company-issued shirt, hat, or visor, matching pants like slacks, and black close-toed, non-slip shoes. Jeans, sweatpants, yoga pants, open-toed shoes, and sneakers are prohibited. No restrictions on tattoos, piercings, or hairstyles exist, provided they’re inoffensive and non-disruptive, but headwear is required while working.

While employees wear uniforms on the job, for your interview attire, emulate the relaxed and approachable vibe by dressing in comfortable yet polished layers.

For a role such as Guest Service team member or Cook, stick with casual or business casual wear. Dark khakis or creased cotton pants, a nice top, and flats or loafers are perfect.

For a Shift Leader or Restaurant Manager role, bump it up to business casual with slacks or a knee-length skirt, a button-down shirt, and loafers.

If interviewing for a corporate position, business formal is the name of the game. Think slacks or a pantsuit, a professional blouse, and dress shoes. Make a great first impression with meticulous grooming and hygiene as well.

Remember, the interview is a chance to showcase how you would excel at delivering amazing customer experience. By choosing an outfit that allows your personality to shine through while demonstrating your professionalism, you’ll feel confident and comfortable being your authentic self.

Relax, be genuine, and let your passion for the work speak for itself. The rest, as they say, is gravy!



With the inside scoop on Church’s Chicken’s top interview questions and proven strategies for acing them, you’ll walk into your interview feeling poised and self-assured.

Don’t celebrate just yet though—keep pushing forward! While acing an interview is cause for a fist pump, the job hunt is far from over. Keep putting yourself in the running for new opportunities where your relevant experience would shine. For example, apply to White CastleWendy’s, Burger King, Whataburger, Popeyes, KFC, Raising Cane’s, Bojangles, Chick-fil-A, etc. Even if Church’s Chicken wants to move forward, the odds of landing another fantastic opportunity are certainly in your favor.

Success begins outside your comfort zone. Stay active on your professional network, refresh your resume, and prepare for additional interviews. Before you know it, you’ll have options to choose from and can decide where you’ll grow your career fastest, impact the most lives, or simply feel the happiest helping feed chicken-crazy customers day after day.

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